The Langara Voice investigates

Canada’s Youth VOTE

A compilation of Langara College students 18-30 view on their choices come voting day

Vancouver stands up against climate change

Thousands in Vancouver protest climate inaction demanding more from parliament hill

Young voters demand climate action

Many youth say that climate policy will affect who they vote for.

Indigenous rights impact young voters decisions

With a rising percentage in young voter turnout, the younger demographic favoured this year’s candidates who focused on the nation’s Indigenous issues. 

Students concerned with low income issues

Awareness of social programs and low income benefits key to breaking cycle of poverty

Young voters on the prowl for phone plan platforms

Langara students say they are hoping for a government that is ready to start promising lower costs for cell phone plans.

Pipeline not dividing opinions, young voters say

Pipelines not dividing these voters

Students speak out on housing market

Students are unsure if the housing market truly affects them

Racial issues are top of mind for young voters

Youths hope for greater federal minority representation

About Us

We are a group of Langara College journalism students who have taken part in a nation wide survey for this 2019 federal election. Check us out at

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